Adriana Chechik has donated a huge amount of money to a streamer who pays her 'no attention'

Adriana Chechik has donated a huge amount of money to a streamer who pays her 'no attention'
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Adriana Chechik revealed that she donated a whopping $2,500 to Dr DisRespect, a video game streamer that pays her “no attention.”

In a resurfaced interview with video game journalist Jake Lucky and the Squadcast of Full Squad Gaming, the former porn star turned-Twitch streamer spoke about the fellow streamers she likes, particularly Dr DisRespect, and how great of an “entertainer” he is.

“[He’s] a good entertainter. And I love the way he claps back at people. I love the way he claps back at people ‘cause I do the same thing,” Chechik said.

Lucky and the squad then spoke about moments they had interactions with the popular streamer. Lucky said Dr DisRespect “clapped back” at him once, but they resolved it.

“He said we’re all good,” Lucky said.

Another member of the squad revealed that Dr DisRespect once liked a tweet of his.

Soon after, Chechik chimed in, noting that she wants the content creator to “like” her stuff.

“I get on his chat, and I chat in there, and he just never sees it. I donated $2,500,” she said, which prompted the squad to all be shocked.

Chechik continued on to note that she would send “$500” after “$500” in the chat, but he never “pays attention” to her.

She further said she started watching Dr DisRespect a year before she officially joined Twitch and “fell in love with his platform.”

“The reason I fell in love with his platform is because I would watch it on my TV, and I’d be like, ‘Yo, you’re TV can talk to you?’ And I realized that’s the same s***anybody wants when they watch Twitch. It’s like ‘say your name, say your name.’

“So I will pay people to be like, ‘Yo, say my f****** name’. I just want to hear you say my name,” she said.”

Dr DisRepect,whose also known as The Doc or The Two Time 1993-1994 Blockbuster Video Game Champion and True International Video Gaming Superstar, had over 4 million followers on Twitch before he was banned in June 2020 for unknown reasons.

A month later, in July, he got back into the swing of streaming on YouTube to his nearly 4.3 million followers.

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