Ashton Kutcher responds to claims he is cheating on Mila Kunis and it is just fantastic

Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Twitter

Ashton Kutcher is married to Mila Kunis, and has been for two years now.

The pair have two children.

Kutcher recently tweeted to a magazine on Sunday after the magazine implied that he had been cheating on Mila Kunis while publishing images of him boarding a private plane with another woman.

The piece, titled...

Hey, Ashton! Who's the Girl?


That is so not Mila Kunis getting out of Ashton Kutcher’s car. The father-of-two showed a stunning brunette aboard his private jet at a Los Angeles airport.

While her identity remained a mystery at press time, Ashton already has a lot of baggage to claim.

Kutcher tweeted about the piece:

People loved his response, obviously, but despaired that the magazine ran the piece without even contacting him for comment:

HT Her.ie

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