There are plenty of political scandals simmering right now that we should all gladly respond to with loud, unbridled outrage.

But a glimpse of a female MP's cleavage isn't one of them. Not least while she's busy trying to make an important point in a debate on topics such as pubic broadcast and harassment at work.

When the French MP for Yvelines, Aurore Bergé, appeared on French TV show Salut Tel Terriens, many dismissed her opinion and decided to concentrate instead on what she was wearing, and which parts of her body it did and did not cover.

One Twitter user pondered whether there was a fabric shortage on the show, while others accused the dress choice of being "vulgar" and "inappropriate".

According to French news website The Connexion, one commenter wrote:

Is this really appropriate for an elected MP?

One person even reportedly offered this take:

Aurore Bergé is half naked but complains about harassment?

That is a mental problem, not one of harassment.

However, some came to Bergé's defence. One user wrote:

Attacks on clothes are signs of very distressing sexism.

Bergé herself responded to the attacks and denounced the "sexist" comments. She tweeted:

I thank all of those who have an opinion on the audiovisual reforms, public service, and information education.

No, I’m only joking; the real debate in 2018 on Twitter is the length of my dress #ordinarysexism.

HT The Connexion

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