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The act of telling your significant other you love them in front of lots of people before legitimising it in contract form can be stressful.

In other words: weddings are expensive.

Which is why one bride decided to try and cut the cost of doing her hair and makeup for the whopping price of $350 (£280) by asking a wedding guest to do it for free.

The woman shared screen grabs of the conversation, which swiftly devolved, on Reddit.

The bride began: "Hey! I have a question for you!"

Guest: "Sure what’s up?"


So it’s going to be $350 for my hair and makeup and I really don’t want to pay that since I’m really only wanting my hair done and I don ’t wear too much makeup.

Would you be able to help? I know you have lots of makeup and can actually curl hair haha.

The guest responded by saying that, while she is happy to do her hair, she isn’t that good at doing makeup on others. However after some badgering from the bride for something “simple,” she agreed.

And then the bride sent her what she wanted, and it was less simple, more bride-magazine-ten-layers-of-makeup makeup.

The guest responds by saying it’s not that simple, but she will try to help her out. She even offered to go to the shops with her to get a foundation that would match her.

What did the bride say?

You can’t use your foundation on me? 

So you can’t do my makeup? 

After the guest patiently explained that, though she isn’t great at doing makeup on other people, she is happy to help her out. However, the colour of her foundation isn't going to match the bride’s skin.

The bride’s response was particularly tone-deaf:

Whatever. Guess I’m gonna be stuck paying $350.

Sigh. Don't be like this.

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