'Bullied teen' wows the internet with her amazing prom dress

'Bullied teen' wows the internet with her amazing prom dress

An 18-year-old artist created her own unique prom dress to hit back at the haters, winning thousands of hearts across the internet in the process.

Kyemah McEntyre, who recently graduated from the Cicely Tyson high school in New Jersey, decided to shun what she termed as "European ideals and standards of beauty" and wore this beautiful gown to embrace her "African descent" instead.

McEntyre posted photos of her dress on Instagram and Twitter, with many interpreting one of the captions as a victory over bullying:

Pictures of the dress, which was sketched by McEntyre and produced by Markell's Closet, have been shared thousands of times on social media.

The most creative people are the ones who step out of their comfort zone and take advantage of the world around them...

Don't let anyone define you. Beautiful things happen when you take pride in yourself.

  • Kyemah McEntyre

Her date even wore a matching tie and pocket square:

And to top it all off, McEntyre was crowned prom queen at the end of the evening:

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