TikTok baby reviews Courteney Cox's candles on Jimmy Kimmel

TikTok baby reviews Courteney Cox's candles on Jimmy Kimmel
TikTok baby reviews Courteney Cox's candles on Jimmy Kimmel

If there’s one person you want to like your products, it’s kids.

So Jimmy Kimmel decided to put that to the test with Courteney Cox’s candle collection from her company HomeCourt for a segment on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While interviewing Cox for Tuesday night’s episode, Kimmel surprised the former Friends star by having a TikTok baby review the scents of four of her candles.

The baby, named Sunday, has gone viral for giving firm and definitive answers to the scent of candles with a “yes” or “no.”

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Kimmel said they sent the baby four candles from HomeCourt and asked for her real reactions.

“I promise this is not set up this is the baby’s real reactions, we didn’t collude with the baby,” Kimmel said.

Nervously, Cox agreed to watch Sunday give a “yes” or “no” to her product although she wondered if the baby’s “no” could send her candles out of business.

Kimmel joked, “This is the most powerful baby in the candle industry.”

Sunday reviewed “Steeped Rose,” “Neroli Leaf,” “Cipres Mint,” and “CeCe” and, luckily, gave (almost) all of them a “yes.”

The only candle the baby did not like was Cipres Mint which she shook her head for and declared, “no.”

Courteney Cox on Almost Leaving Hollywood, Star Ceremony, Scream 6 & TikTok Baby Reviews Her Candleswww.youtube.com

As cameras focused back on Cox, a look of horror washed upon her face after seeing Sunday react so definitively to "Cipres Mint."

However, the good news is, Sunday did enjoy the other three candles - overall it was a generally positive review.

Cox also spoke to Kimmel about her upcoming movie, Scream 6 where she reprises her role of Gale Weathers.

This past week, Cox was given her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where her Friends co-stars and real-life friends Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow honored her.

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