Diane Sawyer shoots her shot with Ted Lasso after he said he’d date her

Diane Sawyer shoots her shot with Ted Lasso after he said he’d date her

Renowned broadcast journalist Diane Sawyer used Twitter to shoot her shot with witty (and fictional) football coach Ted Lasso.

In a clip posted to Twitter of Thursday’s episode, Coach Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis) walked into a room and was greeted by his friends and colleagues.

Rebecca Welton, the AFC Richmond boss (played by Hannah Waddingham), asks Lasso what he would say to “a post-match cocktail.”

“Oh, the same thing I’d say to Diane Sawyer if she ever asked me out on a date: Yes, please,” Lasso quippingly replied.

It seems that the legendary ABC newswoman is ready for this date as she took to her Twitter to respond: “Dear Ted Lasso — I’m in. Your move.”

As one fan mentioned, this was the first tweet that Sawyer had posted in 14 months. Her husband Mike Nichols, the filmmaker for the 1967 drama/romantic comedy “The Graduate “ passed away in 2014.

Not wanting to miss the ball shot, Lasso responded back to Sawyer as he wrote, “Oh my… you’ve got me more on my heels than Lady Gaga at the Met Gala. Any chance you like biscuits?”

Naturally, fans were excited to support this fictional love match.

“I’m definitely shipping @TedLasso and @DianeSawyer. Match made in football heaven. #Beagoldfish,” someone wrote.

“I don’t normally get sucked into pop culture “who is dating who” but this [is] the antithesis of the karcrashians. I am rooting for Ted, Diane is a catch,” another added.

A third wrote, “Amazing!! Please let this be a thing.”

Roy Kent (played by Brett Goldstein), the fictional footballer who is grouchy, couldn't help but retweet the moment with several gold trophy emojis.

Both fiction and reality seem to have parallels—Sudeikis and Lasso are currently divorced— Lasso from his wife in the United States, and Sudeikis from ex-partner actress Olivia Wilde, with whom he shares two children.

Speaking with GQ recently, Sudeikis discussed the breakup with Wilde in 2020. Allegedly, their relationship came to an end with tabloids showing Wilde holding hands with Harry Styles which caused a series of conflicting relationship timelines and loads of explanations.

He also reportedly didn’t have “total clarity” about the relationship ending.

“That’s an experience that you either learn from or make excuses about,” he said. “You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself accountable for what you do, but then also endeavor to learn something beyond the obvious from it, ” Sudeikis told the outlet.

The second season of Ted Lasso, which aired on July 23, 2021, is available for streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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