Even Trump isn't MAGA enough for Kanye West

Donald Trump calls Kanye West a 'seriously troubled man' after having dinner …

It would seem Donald Trump’s popularity among his MAGA fanbase has decreased - as many back rapper Kanye West to represent them instead.

According to Rolling Stone, many far-right figures who previously threw their support behind Trump are now looking towards West, also known as Ye, as a better candidate for them and their extremist beliefs.

Ye was recently criticised for sharing antisemitic comments and conspiracy theories on social media, resulting in many brands he was affiliated with stepping away from their partnerships.

But while his business career appears to have taken a hit, his political ambitions have gained new fans since he made the highly controversial remarks.

Some of his new-found fans include Andrew Torba, a social-media CEO and apparent anti-semite, and far-right Christian nationalist and QAnon supporter, Lauren Witzke.

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On his social media platform Gab, Torba urged followers to put “all of our memetic energy for the 24 primaries to Ye if he announces a run”.

Though not officially confirmed, West has suggested that he intends to run for the presidency and recently suggested that he disagrees with former president Trump, who is officially running in 2024, on some issues.

West claimed at a recent dinner party he had with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, along with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, he pressed the former president.

West claimed he asked: “Why, when you had the chance, did you not free the Jan. 6-ers?”

In a clip on Telegram, West also said, “I’m constantly looking to see if someone could do the job better than me. I just haven’t found anybody yet,” before adding: “Trump would be a great president, but he’s gotta put God first in everything he does. God first. Then America… Then Israel.”

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