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Pictures: Getty

Around 8:15pm on Tuesday evening, screenshots emerged online which indicated that Justin Bieber liked a video of Donald Trump's on Instagram.

You could be forgiven for thinking that all those words have nothing to do with politics, but let's carry on regardless because it's 2016.

Bieber has 78m Twitter followers and 64m Instagram followers and is therefore a big social media influencer. Which makes it no bad thing for Donald Trump if he's seen to have liked a Trump political broadcast.

A screengrab, caught by JustinBieberTracking, appeared to show exactly this...

...although it appears that Biebs may have subsequently unliked the video, which implored Wisconsin voters to “Make America Great Again", since he appears to no longer 'like' it.

Bieber doesn't follow Trump on Instagram, and it is also possible that the screenshot could be a fake.

There have, however, been numerous different screenshots of the 'liking', which suggests it did indeed occur.

Whether Bieber's apparent endorsement will translate to votes is unknown, but it surely can't hurt the heir-apparent for the Republican nomination to have one of the world's biggest celebrities seemingly on board.

Welcome to the future.

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