Dr Oz roasted again after 'poop' tweets resurface

Dr Oz roasted again after 'poop' tweets resurface
Dr Oz says he was 'exhausted' when asked about mispronouncing Wegmans

Dr Mehmet Oz is getting roasted again after old tweets resurfaced of him discussing "poop" on Saturday (20 August).

The former host's tweets were from his career as a television doctor, but they appeared to be on his US Senate campaign Twitter page.

"What does your 'poop' say about your health? Learn here," one tweet read from April 2013 with a link to Oz's website.

It has now been repurposed to accept campaign donations.

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Once people caught wind of the resurface poop tweet, they didn't hesitate to poke fun.

"@DrOz: What does your "poop," say about your health?https://droz.me/qg5w4x"

"Um, I don't want to know what my poop says, Dr. Oz. Thanks tho," one wrote.

"@JohnFetterman Please help this man; he's wandered from New Jersey to Pennsylvania and is trying to fundraise off of old poop tweets," another added.

A third joked: "My poop is saying I'm spending way too much for crudités. There must be a salsa shortage or something."

Check out other reactions below.

Oz's Twitter account, which now generally focuses more on policy and why he's a better fit for Senate than his Democratic rival John Fetterman — spoke a great deal about fecal matters at a point.

In August 2019 shared an article on Twitter as well, which said that people have been "pooping wrong their whole life."

"This is the right way to poop," he captioned the post.

A March 2018 tweet also showed Oz polling his studio audience about their "wipe type."

"There are actually four techniques," he told the audience. He also discussed whether healthy poop should float or sink.

These poo tweets are another distraction for Oz's campaign, which has faced much mockery over a video he put out documenting the hefty cost of Crudité ingredients.

Indy100 reached out to representatives for Dr Oz for comment.

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