Gemma Collins has revealed she would love to exercise with Adele and it’s a duo we would love to see.

Speaking on the Gemma Collins Podcast, the TV star talked about the singer’s exercise regime which involves weight lifting and hiking and said she would love to join in one day.

“Adele, I’m your girl, if you want some company on your exercising please take me with you,” she said.

“I’ve walked up the Runyon Canyon.”

It comes amid rising anticipation for the singer’s new album which will be released on Friday. People are already enjoying tracks and concerts from the singer and it is set to be a commercial success.

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Collins also criticised people who slammed Adele’s regime for being potentially excessive and said it was up to her to what she wants.

“None of us should judge.

“Adele looks amazing, as long as she’s happy, what Adele does with her fitness regime is up to her.”

Meanwhile she also said she want to help her manage her workload, after it was reported the singer has turned to Celine Dion for advice.

“Adele is one person I would wait on definitely. I love her. I’ll make you green teas, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, Adele, I’ll entertain you, you don’t need Celine Dion for this. Give me a call.”

She also said she was “gutted” she wasn’t in Adele’s new album “doing a duet with her”.

“I hope I get to meet you one day, that would be my dream,” she said.

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