This groom's reaction when he sees his bride for the first time is painful to watch

This groom's reaction when he sees his bride for the first time is painful to watch

It's one of the biggest days of your life.

After dreaming of the moment for years, you walk down the aisle with butterflies in your stomach, nervous, yet excited.

Your groom is watching on proudly as you walk slowly towards him, before he opens his mouth and says:

Oh shit.

This is what happened to bride-to-be Jo after she signed up to Married at First Sight in Australia.

We're sure you can guess the premise of the show from the title – but, basically, couples are matched up by experts and then get married on their very first meeting.

Jo's groom, 28-year-old pub manager Sean B, was painfully quick to judge the mum-of-two who looked giddy with excitement.

Later in the show, Jo said:

My expectations have been met, and then some. To infinity and beyond. Winning! Jackpot! I've won the lotto! The experts have been spot on! He is for me. He couldn't be anymore perfect.

While Sean later explained that he had gone through a tough break-up, which he used to justify his reaction on the show.

It was difficult breaking up, it wasn't like either of us did anything wrong – there was no cheating or anything like that. She became a fitness freak but was just crazy. We slowly drifted apart and that was it, we were done'.

We had a five-acre property together, and she ran out of time for me and the animals. It was really hard because I had to take responsibility of the farm. I got all the animals. When we broke up, we had nine dogs, two alpacas, and two horses.

Well, there's rebounds – and then there's getting hitched to a stranger on TV. Sean – according to UNILAD – later told a producer in private:

Um, ah...I don't think there was um, like, you know, um a massive spark straight away.

Isn't love a beautiful thing?


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