Why are some Twitter users upset at H from Steps?

Why are some Twitter users upset at H from Steps?

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To be blocked by H from Steps on Twitter is, some might say, a ‘tragedy’, but it’s what many users on the social media platform discovered this week – with #BlockedByHFromSteps trending on the site on Wednesday.

The “5, 6, 7, 8” singer – real name Ian “H” Watkins – decided to use a “bot blocker” over the festive period while catching up on the popular BBC series The Traitors, which is iconic behaviour, if you ask us.

On Christmas Eve, H tweeted: “You have no power here, be gone! Who knew there was a ‘bot blocker’? Love it!”

When one user asked about the mass blocking, H replied he had signed up to a service for “a clean up of ‘bots’ and ‘phobes’”.

“Apologies if the blocking offended. I didn’t do this manually,” he wrote.

Though it seems he’s absolutely loving the upset over his decision, sharing an Oprah Winfrey meme someone created about his recent mass blocking.

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Among those revealing that they have received a block from the musician include Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges, controversial influencer Oli London and Talk TV broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer, who claimed she received the block for “understanding what a woman is”.

Essentially, it appears H – who is gay – blocked accounts which included those considered by the bot to be transphobic.

The move has been supported by other public figures, with trans broadcaster India Willoughby writing: “Seeing a few gays (and other demographics) shocked to find they’ve been blocked by H from Steps.

“Look; don’t know what the situation is, but if you are transphobic or follow a stack of transphobes – guess what? No special dispensations or free passes.”

Screenrant writer Robert Gordon added: “The ‘I’ve been blocked by H from Steps’ reveals are so funny and show how thin-skinned people are. If someone blocks you, the only valid response is ‘oh how odd’ and then to go about your day.”

Podcaster and activist Max Morgan mocked “bigots” who had been blocked by writing: “’I don’t give a single f*** about being blocked by H from Steps who even are Steps anyway I’ve LITERALLY never heard of one of the most famous UK pop groups of the late 90s who had 14 consecutive Top 5 singles and sold over 22m records so don’t say I have.’”

Guardian columnist Owen Jones also expressed support via an “H from Steps appreciation tweet” for a “great guy who churns out relentlessly upbeat, wholesome content”.

“Most of the people he’s blocked seem – sorry – to be pretty dreadful and afflicted with a terminal fixation with trans people,” he said.

Memes making light of the situation also followed suit:

So to summarise: H’s decision to block those deemed unsupportive of trans people has triggered a “Chain Reaction” of upset, controversial people trying hard not to appear upset.


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