Sarah Michelle Gellar gives yet more proof of why Jennifer Coolidge is the best

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives yet more proof of why Jennifer Coolidge is the best
Behind Jennifer Coolidge's Extraordinary Career and Award Show Wins

Not that we needed any more proof of what an icon Jennifer Coolidge is, but Sarah Michelle Gellar has happily dished out some more.

The Buffy the VampireSlayer star has revealed that she once lived our dream by dancing the night away with the White Lotus star.

Gellar was speaking to The View on Tuesday when she gushed about how much she loved the hit HBO series.

She then recalled how, some years before, she and Coolidge took a “smeared and sweaty makeup selfie” during a wild night out.

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Confirming what everyone already knows, Gellar said that the Legally Blonde legend is “even better” in real life than on screen.

She then reminisced about how they once bumped into each other at a Christian Siriano fashion show and how delighted Coolidge was to be invited to such a glamorous event.

After the show, Gellar went out to dinner with Siriano and his family and then the pair decided to go dancing, at which point the designer suggested they give Coolidge a call.

“And I’m like, ‘It’s 1 in the morning,’” Gellar said she told him at the time, but he insisted they “give it a try anyway”.

(You can watch her speaking reliving the fond memory below from 5 minutes and 21 seconds.)

Sarah Michelle Gellar On Creating A Collaborative Set For Actors With Her Show 'Wolf Pack'| The Viewyoutu.be

The Cruel Intentions star continued: “[Coolidge] was in her hotel room, asleep. And she was like, ‘OK, I’ll come!’”

“You can’t get me out past 9[pm] if I’m home ― forget it,” she went on, but Coolidge “got dressed, came to the club, danced all night.”

To mark the occasion, the pair took a beautifully dishevelled selfie, which Gellar posted to Instagram back in December, to the delight of more than 100,000 fans.

Gellar’s conclusion to all this?

Coolidge is “awesome”.

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