Jeremy Vine called the Black Panther cast 'overwhelmingly black'

Jeremy Vine called the Black Panther cast 'overwhelmingly black'

BBC presenter Jeremy Vine has been criticised on social media for his line of questioning to Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman on the The One Show.

Speaking to Boseman and co-star Danai Gurira, Jeremy Vine said:

Chadwick, it is a remarkable film, it’s very different the film that you’re both in, because you go in the cinema and it is overwhelmingly a black cast.

Boseman paused at the statement, before replying to laughs of the audience:

Yeah, I guess that is very striking

It’s weird because I’m used to it now, having been on this film for over a year, with this family of people for over a year because we carried part of that cast into Infinity War.

So it’s sort of a normal thing. I don’t go to work every day going: 'Wow I’m around all these black people.'

Jeremy Vine followed up:

Did you think, 'I'm part of a cultural change, here', or not?

Boseman replied:

This is an extraordinary moment... it shouldn't be extraordinary – that's the point I'm making.

I hesitate to use the term renaissance – we need ten more years in the future to look back on it and see if the industry did change.

Twitter noticed the slight awkwardness of Vine's original non-sequitur to Boseman:

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