Jodie Marsh has today announced she has launched an OnlyFans account.

Announcing the news on Twitter this afternoon, alongside a picture of herself, the media personality wrote: “I have had people asking me for to join OnlyFans for ages and I’ve finally joined!

“Boobs, feet (come worship!) and overall sexy glamour.

"Come join me for fun.”

OnlyFans made headlines in recent weeks after it temporarily banned “the posting of any content containing sexually-explicit conduct” before it was reversed after just six days.

The 42-year-old bodybuilder, model, and blogger is the most recent celebrity to sign up to the subscription-based platform.

Other stars such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna and Jordyn Woods are also signed up to the site but, contrary to popular belief, OnlyFans isn’t just for explicit content.

In fact, Dj Khaled and Fat Joe created an account to create wholesome behind the scenes content based around their personal lives, including “playing basketball, dining together, hanging in the studio, special guests and more”, according to NME.

And could another well-known British face be eyeing up the site? The Mirror reports that, during a Q&A with Dominic Cummings, a subscriber suggested he “take notes from the gaming community” and use a site like OnlyFans or Twitch as a place to host his “ask me anything” videos as an alternative to Substack.

Somehow, we highly doubt we’ll see Cummings post anything spicy aside from his ‘hot takes’ on the government.

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