Kylie Jenner: 'It’s a part of his story but his name has …

Following a search on the internet and a forensic look through trademark documents, a woman on TikTok believes she cracked the code to Kylie Jenner's baby boy's name by analyzing trends in the data.

The woman who goes by @juulsxoxo on the platform began her video by asking viewers: "Did I just crack the code for Kylie Jenner's baby name?"

She then delved into her findings and explained the investigation process, which led to her potentially discovering Kylie Jenner's secret baby name.

"So I was online looking up trademarks, and I found Kylie's," she said before reading out the details of the trademark and verifying the legitimacy of the public document.

This then chronicled into her showing off a chain of trademarks, one of which was under the name "Stormi."

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Stormi Webster is Jenner and rapper Travis Scott's first child. And it seems that the Kylie Cosmetics founder trademarked the name soon after Stormi's birth, which is a pattern to take note of.

The woman then got into the grand reveal.

"And then I found this one," she said before showing a trademark for the name "Kristan."

She explained some of the details of the trademark.

"Owner, Jenner Communications, but attorney of record Jennifer Ko Craft. And yes, this is Kylie's middle name, but this was filed 13 days after the baby was born," she explained.

Jenner had her son in February 2022, but she kept the baby's name a secret from the public.

She did originally name him Wolf Webster but later announced that she and Scott are changing the baby's name but haven't revealed it to the public yet.

Soon after, the TikToker showed yet another trademark for Kristan Wolf Enterprises, which indicates more correlation with the name "Kristan."

"What do we think, TikTok?" she concluded the video.


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People took to the post's comments section with mixed reactions, many believing she cracked the code.

"For real, I think you've solved it," one wrote.

"You did it !" another added,

Others didn't believe that Jenner would name the child "Kristan" because it sounded too similar to Tristan Thompson, the father of her sister Khloé Kardashian's two children.

The fact that it rhymes with Tristan just no," a third wrote while someone else added: "She wouldn't name him Kristan because it sounds like Tristan, who she hates now."

Kristan is not an official name reveal but just a guess based on findings available to the public.

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