Lindsay Lohan has become an unlikely hero for Turkish Islamists

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You probably wouldn't consider Lindsay Lohan a likely ambassador to Turkey.

But lately the American actor has been featuring prominently on Turkish news channels for visiting Syrian refugee camps and appearing to praise Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a recent interview with ATV, Lohan repeated a mantra of Erdogan's that “the world is bigger than five”. This refers to the UN security council, comprised of five states, which have recently been making a number of decisions over the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Lohan also recently praised Erdogan for his handling of the July coup attempt, and tried to help boost tourism and Turkey's reputation by asserting:

Turkey is a very safe and livable country.

Earlier this week Lohan also tweeted:

The graphic translates as...

We curse terrorism.

...which some have taken as a condemnation of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) , whose attacks on both security forces and civilians have been increasingly using suicide bombers and rifle-carrying suicide guerrillas.

And some people in Turkey are impressed with her for her actions:

Whereas others have been more critical of her portrayal of the country:

Either way, we did not expect to be seeing so much news about Lindsay Lohan and Turkey.

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