It's fair to say that there's no love lost between Jeremy Corbyn and Alan Sugar.

Although Lord Sugar became a Labour peer in 2009, he left the Labour Party in 2015 following the election of Corbyn as leader. At the time, Sugar described his "disillusionment" at the party's lack of business appeal.

In the run up to the 2017 General Election, he even said he would vote for Conservative prime minister Theresa May over Corbyn.

With Corbyn facing accusations of antisemitism, Lord Sugar, who is Jewish, has been taking to Twitter to voice his disapproval. In a now-deleted tweet, Sugar posted a photoshopped image that depicted Corbyn riding in a car next to Hitler.

Following widespread condemnation, Sugar has now turned to poetry to communicate his disdain.

It is unclear whether Sugar himself wrote the poem, which is titled "An ode to Jeremy Corbyn".

We're not going to publish the poem in full - you can find it on Twitter - but it starts out by mocking Corbyn's fashion sense:

Jeremy Corbyn, a bit of a scruff

Asked what he could do to come over less rough

His fashion advisers worked on his new look

And a fifty quid Matalan suit's all it took

Before moving on to his anti-monarchy views:

Jeremy Corbyn, on Royals not keen,

You won't find him singing God Save The Queen

No Cenotaph bowing for this bitter man

If elected he'd call for a monarchy ban

And somewhat inevitably, the famous Tottenham Hotspur fan moved onto football:

Jeremy Corbyn, an Arsenal man

Supporting the team with his Islington clan

He cheers the left winger when he goes along

And 'Come on you Reds' is his favourite song

But Corbyn's supporters were quick to come to his defence.

We don't think that Lord Sugar will be giving up his day job any time soon.

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