Alan Sugar has actually printed that controversial cartoon of Piers Morgan with Donald Trump onto a canvas, bringing that disturbing image to the forefront of our minds once again.

The boss of The Apprentice revealed the news in a tweet on Friday and is now offering the work to a major art gallery, along with another canvas of the two figures.

Lord Sugar wrote:


It all came about earlier this month when BBC Two aired the cartoon during a satirical news show in response to Mr Morgan's interview with the US president in January, sparking an uproar online.

Mr Morgan then hit out at the BBC over concerns about double standards, claiming the broadcaster would not have shown the image if it featured women or gay men.

He tweeted the image multiple times and Lord Sugar, clearly amused by it all, tweeted that he was going to ask his people to have the image blown up and framed.

Lord Sugar clearly follow through with his remark as has printed 10 copies.

However, on Saturday, he announced the Tate had not agreed to hang up the paintings, so he will instead sell the canvas for £1000 each with the proceeds going to charity. 

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