Love Island contestant hits back at viewer calling her charity work boring

Love Island contestant hits back at viewer calling her charity work boring

From Love Islander to "influencer" has become a popular trajectory for contestants, and it's easy to see why.

Racking up social media followers in their hundreds of thousands during the show, it's not surprising that many of them use their "brand" to shift products.

Former flight attendant Amy Hart, recently told Grazia after leaving the programme that, in light of two suicides in recent years, the ITV show's team warned contestants in advance that they would likely have to leave their old life behind:

Be aware you won’t be able to go back and work at Tesco afterwards because everyone will know who you are – your work life will change.

Aside from the prize money of £50,000, many win huge sponsorship deals with companies ranging from Dairy Milk and Armani, to Thorpe Parke and William Hill.

While Ms Hart is certainly set to profit, from appearances on Loose Women, selling exclusives to tabloids and product placements on social media, she recently decided to break the mould and support a children's hospice.

She said:

Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice to start my association with them.

I’ve grown up knowing the ethos of the charity as my dad has been heavily involved since it opened. 

It's undeniably a worthy cause, but for one of her followers it was a step too far. Susan Robertson wrote:

Sorry but I have to unfollow you. About as boring as you were in Love Island.

Ms Hart coldly hit back by saying:

Sorry, would you prefer I sold diet shakes instead?

People on Twitter enjoyed the show.

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