If you haven't been watching this year's Love Island this summer, then, quite frankly, what have you been up to? Because you're definitely not living your 'best life'.

Anyway, if you haven't been tuning in every single night then you'll have a lot to catch up on. Or, in fact, maybe just this 20-second clip. That might do it.

In the clip, the contestants are discussing where Rome and Barcelona are located.

At the beginning, new girl in the villa Belle says:

We cleared up that Edinburgh is actually Scotland last night.

Then, other new girl and love interest of Michael Joanna says:

Is it?


Then, a third contestant Jordan says:

I didn't know, oh my god, is Italy in Rome? Or is Rome Italy?

Jordan then says:

Rome is in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy.

Belle then says:

Is Barcelona in Rome?

Jordan confidently explains:

Barcelona is in Italy.

The piece de resistance:

I thought it was Spanish.

Piers Morgan noticed the clip, and shared it saying:

Even watching this has damaged my brain

Other social media users thought it was equally enlightening.

Well, what can we say, really. It is what it is!

HT The Poke

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