Margot Robbie tattoos Graham Norton crew member during interview

YouTube/The Graham Norton Show

We may know Margot Robbie as a talented actress and dancer, but she's been hiding another skill up her sleeve. Tattooing.

On Friday night the 27-year-old Australian, appeared on the BBC's Graham Norton Show to promote her new movie Goodbye Christopher Robin.

During the conversation it was revealed that Robbie is a trained tattooist, and inked some colleagues during filming of Suicide Squad.

Several members of the cast and crew were given Suicide Squad themed tattoos on their feet from Robbie, who believes that she has tattooed around 100 people in her life.

With a real tattoo gun at hand, the conversation began to turn to whether any of the show's guests wanted to get a tattoo from Robbie.

Harrison Ford wasn't too keen on the idea.

Ryan Gosling and Reese Witherspoon, who already have tattoos, weren't interested either.

Luckily for the show, one brave crew member named Adam, volunteered himself to get some ink from Robbie.

Watch it all take place in the video below.

Even though it was only small, the end result wasn't too bad at all.

Picture:Picture: YouTube/The Graham Norton Show

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