This man's tattoo is going viral because everyone has to do a double take

Greg Evans
Friday 28 July 2017 14:45

We've seen some bizarre tattoos before, but this is something else.

A trucker from Cumbria has taken taken his profession to the next level and had a miniature body tattooed onto himself, which looks like a small is man driving his body.

If you are a little confused by that description (trust us, it is hard to comprehend) just take a look at the video below.

The man who has decorated his chest in such a fashion is 36-year-old, father-of-one Kenny Ollerenshaw.

Images of his unique ink, which took four hours to complete, have subsequently gone viral but the first person to see it was Kenny's son.

He told The Daily Mail:

He thought it was cool but I wasn't expecting it to go viral, it's all gone a bit mad and my son has told my mum that I'm famous.

I keep looking at it in the mirror and thinking it's just crazy. You should see what happens when I tense my pecs.

Picture:(Richard Batey/Facebook)

You can imagine that this might have caused a bit of controversy in his family but it couldn't be any different.

My family are all on board with it. The way I look at it is if people don't like it then they don't have to wear it.

The visual illusion was created by tattoo artist Richard Batey who works for Immortal Art Studio in Cumbria.

The 43-year-old believes that no one has ever tried anything like this before and announced that there is more to come.

It's the first of its kind in the world.

When Kenny came in he was up for having this done as a chest piece. The result is just the start. There's a long way to go.

It has 1.1 million views and 2 million likes on Facebook - and it isn't even finished yet.

It's what I'd call an interactive tattoo and it's more of a shocker than anything else.

It's got the ability to make an entire room of people smile and laugh and get them talking.

Picture:(Richard Batey/Facebook)

Although Kenny doesn't appear to have come up with a reason for the tattoo he has developed the perfect reason for anyone who asks him why?

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