Mickey Rourke says FBI came to see him after he made comments about Trump

Mickey Rourke says FBI came to see him after he made comments about Trump
Mickey Rourke labels Tom Cruise 'irrelevant' and says he has 'no respect' ...

Actor Mickey Rourke has claimed that he received a visit from the US secret service after comments he made about former president Donald Trump.

The Wrestler star made the comments in an appearance on Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, where he also discussed people including Tom Cruise, who he called “irrelevant”.

During the show, he explained he was hesitant to get into talking about America because he didn’t need “another visit from the Secret Service”.

The actor has previously made threats against Trump, who he has been a vocal opponent of. In 2016, Rourke claimed he’s like to give him a “Louisville slugger”. In 2019, he again said he would hit Trump with a “left hook from hell”.

On Morgan’s show, Rourke was explaining why he posted a picture on Twitter of the Statue of Liberty crying.

He said: “They call it the United States of America but it's now the Divided States of America and there's one big reason for that but I'm not going to go into it because I don't need another visit from the Secret Service.”

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Morgan replied asking when that happened and Rourke answered: “Oh about six months ago.”

Rourke invited Morgan to “take a wild guess” why they visited him and revealed it was because he had said “the truth” about President Trump.

Responding to a question about what the Secret Service said to him, the actor said: “A lot. And that s**t's way over my head so I got nothing to say anymore about nothing.”

In the comments, Twitter users showed little surprise that a threat to harm a president was followed up by the authorities.

One user wrote: “Isn't that standard practice for threats of this nature? It's not like they kidnapped him for it.”

Another agreed, replying: “This is standard.”

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