Here's why MrBeast's fans are tidying supermarket shelves for him

Here's why MrBeast's fans are tidying supermarket shelves for him
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American YouTube star MrBeast has asked fans to help him with the merchandising of his new chocolate bar venture in stores.

Following in the footsteps of KSI and Logan Paul, 24-year-old MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has become the latest YouTuber to launch a food or beverage venture.

Like Prime, MrBeast’s chocolate bar brand Feastables has made a significant impact on the market and has seen the philanthropist call on his fans to go even further to help promote it.

In a tweet to his 18.8 million followers, MrBeast asked them to help improve the look of the displays of his chocolate bars if they happen to see them in Walmart stores where they are currently on sale.

He wrote: “I need your help! Next time you see Feastables in Walmart (and soon to be new retailers) if you could clean up the presentation and make it look better that’d make me very happy.

“I’m building a team to do this routinely, just need help in the short term.”

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Along with the text, he shared two images of a before and after, showing how he would like the display to look.

Dexerto reports that in a now-deleted tweet, he also wrote: “And while you’re at it if you want to maybe move some Hershey’s bars and make sure Feastables has plenty of space.. I wouldn’t complain.”

Amazingly, fans in the replies posted pictures of displays they had tidied up in the local supermarkets.

One fan also mused: “Being able to tweet something like this AND have it make an ACTUAL impact on shelf space.

“[This] is a key reason why i think creator brands will dominate shelf space this decade.

“No typical chocolate brand could get consumers to care enough to do this.”

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