North West's Kanye inspired album name sparks concern

North West's Kanye inspired album name sparks concern
Kanye West and daughter North rock the stage with electrifying performance.
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Kanye 'Ye' West's daughter North West announced she has been working on an album titled Elementary School Dropout.

During a Vulture's listening party in Arizona on Sunday (10 March), the ten-year-old said: "Hi, it's Northie, and I've been working on an album. And it's called Elementary School Dropout."

The crowd erupted into a sea of cheers and applause in response to the unexpected news.

A clip from the night soon went viral across X/Twitter, with many praising the move as "genius," given that it plays on her father's 2004 award-winning album, College Dropout, where Ye secured his first-ever Grammy.

"North really got all of Ye’s talent," one person wrote, while another humoured: "If she gets more streams than these rappers ima be weak."

That said, there were also some concerns expressed surrounding the album name.

"This would probably influence a lot of parents to drop their child out of elementary school," one person suggested.

Another called the title "weird," adding: "Why will a young girl of this age already drop out of school, this can only be through bad parenting."

A third pondered: "Wait a minute did she decide to drop out of elementary after her father told Kim to take her out of that school."

While it's unclear whether North has actually dropped out of school or it's simply a creative homage to her father's album, Ye took to Instagram last week to blast his daughter's school.

"Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now it’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by 'the system,'" he wrote in capital letters.

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