Pregnant Australian TV journalist totally owns her body shamers (and the Daily Mail)

Australian TV presenter and expectant mum Sarah Harris had a delightfully safe-for-work message for fat shamers during a segment of her show on Wednesday - "get stuffed".

When the panel were talking about Sarah's baby, due in December, she bought up paparazzi snaps of her which had been taken when she was "off duty" and not in spanks or make up which were published on the Daily Mail's website.

Harris said she made the mistake of reading the comments on the photos, which were "revolting":

[Commenters were] having a go at how huge I am, how fat I am, how ugly I am. And when you're pregnant you do feel quite vulnerable and insecure about your body.

But then I thought, 'Bugger it, I am growing a baby.' This is me. This is what I look like and that's OK.

She made the decision to bring up the paparazzi pictures on air as a mark of solidarity with other pregnant women, Harris added.

I hope those photos of me make other pregnant women feel better about their bodies... I'm proud of my body and what it's doing.

On behalf of all the pregnant women out there, who may be feeling a little bit chubby and a little bit flabby... I want to say to the haters: get stuffed.

Watch the clip in its entirety below:

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