Sarah Palin interviewed Donald Trump and it was as bad as you'd expect

Full disclosure, we've never heard of One America News, and we don't know if they normally begin political interviews with stirring military music and then conduct them with a seductively billowing Stars and Stripes in the background throughout.

But that's what happened when Sarah Palin (remember her?) interviewed Donald Trump (want to forget him?) on a show apparently called On Point.

In what surely ranks as ten of the most fawning minutes ever uploaded on to the internet, former Alaska governor, Republican VP nominee and Fox News contributor Palin praises Trump as a fighter, for having his heart with the working class (what!) and sticking it to the Washington establishment.

This couldn't have anything to do with the fact Trump has previously hinted he would want Palin in his establishment if he, and we hesitate to complete this sentence, won the White House.

We're not sure where to go from here.

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