Six questions that male politicians have never been asked

Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall has spoken out against the "unbelievable" and "very, very different" questions female politicians are asked after a journalist pressed her on her weight.

With those comments in mind, here are six questions a male politician has never been asked.

1) Did you make a bad choice of boyfriends?

Australian interviewer Ray Martin asked former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard this in 2014.

2) Will this country want to watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?

Rush Limbaugh asked this of Hillary Clinton on his radio show in 2007.

3) Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?

In 2012 Harriet Harman claimed that a journalist had asked her if she had read Fifty Shades of Grey:

I said: 'don't be silly - of course I've read the coalition agreement'.

4) Why don’t you get married? Are you not able to have a baby

In Tokyo on June 2014, Ayaka Shiomura, 35, was in the middle of questioning senior figures in the city administration on plans to help current and future mothers, when she was interrupted by abuse.

Members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal-Democratic Party called out:

Why don’t you get married? Are you not able to have a baby?

Shiomura later told reporters:

They should not shout things that have nothing to do with policies. Jeers like that degrade a person and amount to abuse. They should show respect for an assembly member who stands for questioning.

Well said.

5) What's happening with your hair?

In 2013 South African politician Lindiwe Mazibuko was interrupted by her political rival Koos van der Merwe in parliament. "Point of order is before the member can continue she must explain to this house what has she done to her hair," he said.

6) Who are your favourite designers?

Hillary Clinton had the perfect response, as ever, when she was asked this in 2010:

Would you ever ask a man that question?

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