Sydney Sweeney responds to small boy who was obsessed with her Hot Ones episode

Sydney Sweeney responds to small boy who was obsessed with her Hot Ones episode
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Sydney Sweeney recently appeared on Sean Evans' Hot Ones, racking up almost two million views in just two days.

For the blissfully unaware, the famed YouTube series features A-listers testing their tolerance of spicy chicken wings by ramping up the sauce each round.

The Anyone but You star was off to a great start, seemingly unphased by the first seven rounds. However, the eighth seemingly caught Sweeney off guard.

"That's pretty good. I feel tingly on my lips. That one may have an after-effect. That one is building in my mouth," she nervously told Evans, with tears in her eyes.

It didn't take long for her to nervously laugh as the heat intensified, prompting her to ask the host what was happening.

A panicked Sweeney said: "What is in this!? Are you going to drink something because I won't drink it first."

"Da Bomb is a really bomb! Oh my god," she nervously added.

Amongst the millions of viewers was a young boy who recently went viral on X/Twitter when his father shared a wholesome snap.

"I can't get my son to just be still for any show but we are watching the Sydney Sweeney Hot Ones episode and this boy is locked in," he joked.

Sweeney later shared a string of photos from behind the scenes and acknowledged the popular post by resharing it to her Instagram.

"Did this one for the boys," she wrote.

"That’s hot," Paris Hilton commented with a wink face emoji, while many more praised the actress for her dedication.

"We thank and support you," one fan wrote.

Meanwhile, another hailed her the "meme Queen."

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