Sylvester Stallone writes breakup texts for his daughters

Sylvester Stallone writes breakup texts for his daughters
Sylvester Stallone writes his daughters' breakup texts

Meeting your other half's parents can be daunting, so you can only imagine how intimidating it must be if their father is none other than, Sylvester Stallone.

His two daughters recently appeared on the Giggly Squad podcast, where they opened up about the famed actor being a "savant" when it comes to their dating lives.

"In one area, he writes most of our breakup texts," Sistine confessed, while Sophia chimed in and offered her advice to fellow women: "I highly suggest that girls should go up to their dad and have their dad write a breakup text because men know men."

Sistine went on to add that her exes have never been mad at her honesty from such text messages.

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When it comes to bringing a new man home, the pair admitted the Rocky star isn't the most welcoming.

When Sistine thinks she's found a "good egg" and opts to introduce him to her father, "he's always standoffish, stands in the corner, doesn’t say anything."

Sophia jokingly added that he "always has a cigar" during the initial meets.

“I go, ‘Why do you do that?’ And he goes, 'I can tell within the first four minutes of meeting him if he’s going to last or not, and so I’m not going to waste my time,'" she continued. "And he’s right every time."

That said, the pair disclaimed that the star gets along with their younger sister's partner.

"He only likes my sister’s boyfriend," Sophia said. "He’s kind of got the thing with the watches, and he likes polo… If you can relate on things with him, he’ll like you."

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