These are the most tattooed cities in the UK

Tattoos are no longer the domain of hipsters, sailors and bikers.

While research from insurers Carole Nash found that only seven per cent of people born before 1950 sported a tat, 42 per cent of people born in the 80s and 90s have some kind of body art, making the counter-cultural statement pretty mainstream.

The UK’s most tattooed cities:

Birmingham (48 per cent)

Norwich (41 per cent)

Glasgow (40 per cent)

Sheffield (36 per cent)

Bradford (36 per cent)

Aberdeen (23 per cent)

Liverpool 22 per cent)

Cardiff (20 per cent)

Nottingham (19 per cent)

Bristol (18 per cent)

According to the study, tattooed people in Birmingham, Norwich and Glasgow had an average of more than six designs each - and 45 per cent of tattooed people in Birmingham said they had between 11 - 15 inkings.

Designs and styles also greatly vary by region, researchers found. Geometric patterns were favoured in London, while Birmingham and Cardiff went for flowers, and Leeds and Aberdeen preferred Maori and other tribal designs.

The most popular tattoos in Liverpool were in memoriam designs and in Bristol, animals.

Norwich, Glasgow, Sheffield and Bradford's top choices were all lettering.

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