Struggling to decide what to leave your friends and family in your will?

That great biscuit tin you bought at a vintage street fair, all the wealth you've somehow managed to accumulate, that diamond ring, all rubbish when you could pass down a piece of your tattooed flesh.

The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) will keep your body ink after you die, serving it up as a memento for your nearest and dearest.

All the nonprofit organisation requires from you while you're still living is an activation payment of $115 (around £74) and an annual renewal cost of $60 (£38).

Members must designate a beneficiary who will be responsible for notifying NAPSA of your demise within 18 hours.

NAPSA will then send your funeral parlour of choice a handy kit complete with all the tools needed to remove your tattoo, plus postage and packaging materials to send the skin over for framing...

H/T: Refinery 29

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