Presenting texts that show the best teenage break-up conversation ever

Breakups are tough.

Unless you're Annie Williams' little brother Liam.

Annie from Liverpool decided to share with Twitter the hilarious heartbreaking moment her brother decided to break up with his girlfriend, and it's been retweeted well over 10,000 times. Clearly, his tactics have impressed people.

We feel as though Loz probably had an ulterior motive in bringing up Jess.

Unpertertubed, Loz could feel something was up, so she followed her gut.

Things escalated quickly.

'Crying face, crying face, crying face, xxxxxxxxxxx'. It's the kisses that make this really heartbreaking.

And the final nail in the coffin of their relationship: Liam asks Loz for Jess's number. Even though he 'cba with a relationship though'.

Picture: blogspot

Ah, young love.

indy100 has reached out to Annie to check how Liam is doing post break up. We have a feeling he's probably OK though.

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