True Geordie banned from Twitch after Andrew Tate comments

True Geordie banned from Twitch after Andrew Tate comments
Podcaster True Geordie apologises for Islamophobic joke

British YouTuber True Geordie is facing repercussions for making Islam0phobic comments and the latest reverberation is a ban from Twitch.

On Thursday 10 November, True Geordie, whose real name is Brian Davis, was officially banned by the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Fans who clicked on Davis' profile were met with a message from Twitch indicating Davis had violated Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

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Earlier this week, Davis made comments about boxer and social media personality Andrew Tate which people slammed as "racist" and "Islamophobic."

During his podcast, Davis was asked whether he would take on Take in the ring to which he and his co-host joked that he wouldn't stand a chance since "God is on his side" - a reference to Tate's recent conversion to Islam.

David went on to say Tate should "blow himself up" to prove his devotion to Islam.

Davis and his co-host received backlash for the comments, including criticisms from Tate who called their comments "ignorant" and insulting.

Following the backlash, Davis released a 20-minute apology video. But he is still facing real consequences for his harmful language.

Gymshark, who sponsored Davis, announced they cut ties with the YouTuber.

"We do not condone racism, discrimination or Islamophobia in any form," the company said in a statement. "We do not agree with the comments made by Brian, aka True Geordie, and have suspended our relationship with him indefinitely, effective immediately."

Now, he is facing a ban from Twitch for an undisclosed amount of time.

According to Twitch's Community Guidelines, "regardless of your intent, you may not... create speech, imagery, or emote combinations that dehumanize or perpetuate negative stereotypes" or "create content that expresses inferiority based on a protected characteristic."

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