Man who says he has no money while volunteering abroad is called out by his ex-boss


One rule everyone should live by is to never add your boss or even ex-boss as a friend on Facebook.

One man learned this the hard way when he got roasted after he asked for money on Facebook while "volunteering" abroad.

The man, whose post was shared on Reddit, explained that he was in Jerusalem, Israel with only $60 to his name. He wrote:

I have been volunteering the last 4 months when I should have just gone back to a paying job.

But I will get a paying job asap. Anyway, hilp [sic].

I am nearly stranded in the middle east.

An easy bank transfer would save my arse right now.

But while some of his other Facebook friends responded with supportive messages, his ex-boss took the opportunity to publicly call him out for what was really happened. Below the post, he wrote:

You were not volunteering. 

We paid you £1200 a month allowance, gave you an apartment with all the basics covered as well as internet.

Insinuating you were not paid for your time, or fairly looked after is insulting.

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It's safe to say no one really felt sorry for the guy, and the jokes on Reddit wrote themselves.

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Talk about awkward.

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