A groomzilla drives away one of his oldest friends
A groomzilla drives away one of his oldest friends

A wedding guest has won the full support of Reddit after recounting the story of his walking out on the marriage ceremony of his friend of 15 years after the groom insisted he shear off his long hair.

Asking "Am I the Asshole?" on the forum, the conflicted writer explains:

I’m a guy who has had long hair for a very long time. No one is shocked by this or finds it offensive and I always tie it back and look respectable in photos.

One of my oldest friends recently got engaged and asked me to be a groomsman.

I was incredibly honoured and would absolutely love to be in that role as I’ve never done it for anyone else and most likely won’t get the chance again.

But when the groom asked him to cut off his hair - which the author describes as running "down to the middle of my back, straight, natural colour (brown) and regularly trimmed" - he felt extremely conflicted:

He came to me and said he wants me to cut my hair because he doesn’t want the wedding photos to look weird if I have long hair along with the other bridesmaids.

I was completely blown away by this and told them that there’s no way that would be happening and this is just the way I am, he knows this.

Still he persisted and said that if I’m unable to fulfil this request then I won’t be able to be a groomsman anymore.

My other friends are telling me that I should’ve done this for him as it’s a once in a lifetime event and I can always just grow my hair back.

Ultimately, the writer concluded he didn't "want to have to look back at photos from this wedding where I felt uncomfortable" and decided against attending at all "as I don’t feel welcome".

Here's what the good folk of Reddit had to say about his dilemma.

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