Weddings are not always as magical as they are cracked up to be
Weddings are not always as magical as they are cracked up to be

An anonymous wedding guest who took to Facebook to hit out at the bride and groom for charging $125 (£100) per head to attend their reception has sparked a lively debate online.

Writing in the group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming, the attendee, who paid $250 (£200) to take her partner, was doubly angered when the appetisers they were served - including "hot dog slices" - quickly ran out, leaving them to peck at the cheese and grapes.

The main course of cold salmon looked "cold to the touch" so she gave that a miss too, leaving the open bar as the occasion's only saving grace.

Or, it would have been, had she not been on medication and stuck with soft drinks instead.

All of which sounds mighty bleak, especially for an event she only went to in the first place because the happy couple caught her off guard, conveniently neglecting to mention the entrance fee when they first made their announcement.

The writer concluded her post with this especially brutal verdict:

Unless you're Beyonce, please don't charge people to attend your raggedy wedding, especially if the ceiling is leaking and some of the letters outside of the venue walls have fallen off.

The verdict on Facebook to all of this was mixed, with some commentators arguing she shouldn't have bothered going when she learned about the cost involved.

One person wrote:

Oh my god. $250 just to attend? That's more than I usually spend on gifts and this couple is expecting you to shell it out just to attend. It's not a charity event, you don't charge people to attend.

Almost everyone was indignant...

How do you run out of food when you make people pay to go?

...But some were more philosophical about it all than others.

I don't hate the idea of paying to go to a wedding if it's clearly in lieu of a gift. But if your guests are paying for their own food at least make sure there's enough freaking food!

They weren't the only responder to say this.

Honestly, unpopular opinion but I don't care if people charge me for the food/wedding/entrance fees as long as they don't expect a gift. But more than $100 is wayyyyyy too much, especially in this case.

Top prize though must surely go to this beauty.

I'm not blaming you at all, your friend is a total b****, but just because you said yes to going doesn't mean you had to go lol. This is the one of very few exceptions that wouldn't have made you an a** for no showing after RSVP yes.

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