11 things you should never, ever say

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 04 December 2017 16:45
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If you say any of these things within the confines of polite society, try to pass it off as a witty, witty, joke.

Redditors have contributed the cringe inducing moments they have witnessed in conversations - or perpetrated themselves.

Here are some important lessons from indy100 to help you avoid any pitfalls at your next soirée or trip to the salon.

1. TV is not real life

2. Your first guess is probably wrong

3. Water is wet

4. 'Calf Brown' isn't a shade of leg

5. There is a reason actual doctors train for seven years

6. 'The Cloud' does not have a geographical location

7. There's a reason architects study for seven years too

8. Evolution is not as dramatic in humans as it is in Pokémon

9. Read the label

10. Cheddar is not just a gorge in Somerset

11. Aprende sobre la cocina

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