Immigration minister mocked after being sacked from cabinet with no warning

Lowenna Waters
Thursday 25 July 2019 07:45
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The minister for immigration has claimed that she was kicked out of the cabinet without warning and, honestly, how else do you expect the internet to react?

Caroline Nokes, immigration minister, was a supporter of Hunt, and therefore always likely to go if Boris got the top job. However, Nokes, who dealt with much of the Home Office's reaction to the Windrush scandal, only learned that she'd been sacked from a tweet from a Daily Mail journalist, Oh, the irony.

In a tweet, John Stevens, deputy political editor of the Daily Mail, wrote:

Caroline Nokes saked.

Her response?

Good of you to tell me first.

It goes without saying that most people on social media jumped to make exactly the same joke: namely, well, that it's pretty ironic that the minister for immigration is upset about being kicked out with no warning.

In a sign-off, registering her sacking, Nokes wrote:

It has been an enormous honour to serve in Theresa May’s Government for 3 years.

I look forward to returning to the backbenches and championing the issues of Romsey and Southampton North residents.

My successor as Immigration Minister undoubtedly has a massive challenge ahead.

In 2018, Nokes issued an apology for the Windrush generations' treatment, admitting that she felt "ashamed" at how the Home Office had treated them. Speaking to dozens of the Windrush generation at a meeting in Brixton, she said:

I feel ashamed the Home Office got it so badly wrong over a long period. I was going to say I have to say sorry but I want to say sorry. I’m really conscious that we have a massive piece of work to do.

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