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On the hottest day of the year so far, Boris Johnson has become the new Conservative Party leader, as the result of a contest to succeed Theresa May as prime minister is revealed, and there were lots and lots of jokes.

The outcome of the ballot of 160,000 Conservative Party members has revealed Johnson as May's successor after members have been voting on who will become the new prime minister of the United Kingdom over a seven-week period.

Mr Johnson, the former mayor of London, and MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip was the clear favourite to win throughout the race against Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary and will become the prime minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

During a press conference Dame Cheryl Gillian of the 1922 Committee announced the result of the ballot, which saw 159,320 people eligible to vote, and had a turnout of 87.4 per cent. Mr Johnson won 92,153 votes, and Jeremy Hunt secured 46,656.

Mrs May will step aside as leader of the Conservative Party after a three-year tenure that resulted in a revolt by the Conservative MPs over her inability to take the UK out of the EU, reports CNN.

My will officially tender her resignation to the Queen on Wednesday, after taking part in her final Prime Minister's Questions, reports the BBC.

So far, three cabinet members - Philip Hammond, Rory Stewart, and David Gauke - have said they will resign in the next 36 hours rather than serve in a Boris Johnson-headed government because he is prepared to carry out a no-deal Brexit, reports the Guardian.

It goes without saying that people on social media have completely lost it, with #BorisDay trending all morning.

#NextPrimeMinister was also trending on Twitter before the announcement was made, with many plumping for Larry the Cat.

There were also lots of jokes about it being the hottest day of the year... are we entering hell?

There were also lots of generic jokes.

Some also pointed out Johnson's bizarre clapping.

But lots of people were extremely dismayed.


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