Mums don't understand this meme about mums not understanding memes

Louis Staples
Thursday 23 May 2019 16:00
Image:(Twitter /TV network)

One thing the younger generation will always have on their seniors is that, having been raised in the internet era, they’ll always be quicker on the uptake with digital trends.

If your parents don’t watch you text and say “wow you type so fast!” can you even text? Another area where oldies lag behind is in meme culture. Show your parents a meme and there’s always a significant chance they won’t get it.

Often you’ll have to explain it to them and, as they gradually get the joke, the humour will be further sucked from the situation.

In a series of events that could only be true in 2019, a meme has emerged to deal with this meme-related awkwardness.


But then Twitter user @MemzIsLithenin showed it to her mum and, well, you can predict the rest…

But soon others followed and the results were hilarious. It turns out that there are many mums out there who aren’t aware who Kim Kardashian is.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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