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Occasionally things happen on Twitter that are so completely surreal that you just have to sit back and appreciate what an odd world we live in.

On Monday evening, Kim Kardashian West, of all people, sent a tweet to the American fast-food chain Jack in the Box asking them to check their corporate email inbox or to send her a DM (she didn't tag them in the tweet but I guess you don't need to do that sort of stuff when you are as famous as she is).

Jack in the Box quickly got back to Kim but unfortunately, they couldn't DM her.

This soon sent sections of Twitter into a spiral as people were trying to guess what Kim wanted to talk to them about.

Others fast food chains were also very interested in what was about to go down.

Amazingly, it turned out that Kim wasn't upset about a wrong order or a rude member of staff but that none of the staff that she went to recognised her.

Jack in the Box replied with what seemed to be an automated tweet, which was really befitting of the complaint.

The revelation that Kim's tweet was actually about nobody knowing who she has prompted a flurry of memes and jokes about this otherwise pointless complaint.

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