Home described as ‘a slice of hell’ is up for sale for $590,000 cash

Home described as ‘a slice of hell’ is up for sale for $590,000 cash

A Colorado Springs home which one person described as a “little slice of hell” is on the market for a whopping 590,000 cash.

The visibly decrepit five-bed four-bath home features a lot of graffiti on almost every wall, including profanity, filthy carpets from an illegal pet rescue that was run out of the residence. The house also had rotten, maggot-infested meat that was left in a basement fridge over a year earlier when the tenant was evicted from the residence.

The home from the outsidePhoto courtesy of Denver7 News

“Now you won’t be able to rent this again—haha.”Photo courtesy of Denver7 News

In a report from Denver7 News, Mimi Foster, a listing agent of the home who works with the Falcon Property Company, noted that “if it smells, it won’t sell” is a popular real-estate saying but says she’s putting that saying to “the test.”

Foster listed the home on Redfin and didn’t refrain from telling the complete truth about the condition of the property. Also calling it “Mimi’s little house of horrors,” she notes that the house is “every landlord’s nightmare.” The listing also says that the back porch is falling off of the house and the foundation of the home sits in a “pink” zone for geological landslides.

“I wanted them to know that they were getting a damaged house with a lot of potential,” Foster told the outlet. “I didn’t want anybody to walk in here and be surprised with what they found,” she continued.

Mimi Foster, a listing agent of the “little slice of hell” homePhoto courtesy of Denver7 News

Despite the significant damage, nose-turning smells, and countless profanity written on the walls, Foster said that she List vacant houses all the time and that she hasn’t seen this type of Hysteria over a home in the market. She reportedly received 16 written cash offers on the first day since the house was put on the market.

Graffiti on the wallPhoto courtesy of Denver7 News

“I’ve gotten about 89 text messages since we’ve gotten to the house this afternoon,” Foster said.

The housing market in Colorado Springs is deemed red hot. On average, there are about 2,500 homes listed in the area any day. But now, there are less than 400.

Looking past the horrifying sight inside the home, there are still great qualities within the “rough diamond to the polished gem inside”. There are soaring ceilings, air conditioning, and a second-floor catwalk that overlooks the family room.

Foster further says that her goal wasn’t to sell the home like this, but the national freeze on home foreclosures ending next month, and the owner not being able to afford the cost of the vandalism caused by the evicted tenant left no choice. However, she hopes someone can come into the home and make it beautiful again after renovations.

”And somebody will come in, and they will get rid of the anger and anguish that went on here. And it will be a cherished place to live once again,” she said.

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