OnlyFans star reveals her most stomach-churning requests from fans

OnlyFans star reveals her most stomach-churning requests from fans
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We all know that OnlyFans stars get some pretty unorthodox requests from their subscribers, but we wouldn’t have guessed that some of the most common are also some of the most unappetising.

However, one adult performer has lifted the lid on the pleas she receives from her loyal devotees and clarified where she draws the line on what she’s willing to do.

Dainty Wilder, who is in the tip 0.01 per cent of content creators on the platform, said that she often gets requests for bodily matter and fluids.

“People ask for scat content or me to ship my poo to them, which I won't do,” she said in an interview for LADbible Australia's ‘Hindsights’ series.

She added that it’s also “really common” for people to ask for her “period blood”.

“Those are the extremes and I won't do that. But anything else I, I'm very open to,” she stressed.

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Asked what, in hindsight, she would change about her work, Wilder said: “There are definitely things that I probably should have known beforehand. I think one of them being to establish my own rules in terms of what I am and I'm not comfortable doing.

“Because I remember a few occasions where I found myself really thinking on the spot, OK, am I comfortable doing this? And in hindsight I may have done something that I wasn't ready to do at the time.”

Fellow OnlyFans heavyweight Dale Egan, who is in the top 0.02 per cent of creators, admitted there was very little he wasn’t willing to do, and that he was even once paid to join the mile-high club in a very unique way.

He said a woman he worked with hired a private plane with two pilots and a videographer and they “took out the middle row seats and did a full f**k scene on the plane.”

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Asked to name some of the most common misconceptions about the adult industry, Wilder cited the idea that it’s “easy work and easy money”.

“It definitely isn't,” she insisted. “Particularly these days when there are so many content creators. It's hard to stand out in the crowd and you have to really work hard in order to be successful.”

Meanwhile, Egan said it was the assumption that “we’re all just s**ts in our personal life and just out f**king all the time, which isn't the case”.

“A lot of girls I know that I work with, they barely have a personal sex life,” he stressed. “They do OnlyFans work which is a job for them and they can make good money, but their personal sex life is almost nil.”

Asked to give his rough “body count”, Egan laughed and admitted he “gets asked that question all the time”.

“I’m just going to say it,” he replied. “It’s getting close to a thousand roughly. F***ing hell.”

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