Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Midnights’ sells more than one million copies in …

Taylor Swift may have released her new album Midnights but already Swift fans are looking for hints of her next album in her latest music video.

On Tuesday morning, Swift released the music video for Bewjewled,her second single off Midnights with the promise of "a psychotic amount' of Easter eggs.

Swift is well-known for teasing upcoming projects and past projects through her music and visuals.

On Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show,Swift told fans that Bewjewled had "the most Easter eggs" in the video, enough that Swift and her team needed a PDF file to keep track.

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As midnight approached, Swifties (the name given to fans of Swift) got to work deciphering all the easter eggs the singer-songwriter left in the video.

Here are all the Easter eggs Swift hid throughout the video.

1. The nearly six-minute-long video opened and closed with instrumental versions of Swift's songs Enchanted and Long Live playing in the background, indicating Swift may be releasing Speak Now (Taylor's Version) soon.

2. The costume and scene at the end of the video mimicked ones from Swift's Speak Now tour in 2011 and 2012.

3. While in an elevator, Swift presses a purple button "3" potentially representing Speak Now. The elevator then moves to the 13th floor with the same color purple.

Speak Now is Swift's third studio album. Other buttons on the elevator seem to coincide with Swift's album cover art colors.

4. One of the ending scenes features Swift with Midnights collaborator Jack Antonoff holding a large key. In the past, Swift has used the key as a symbol of "vault tracks" otherwise known as the additional tracks off her re-recorded albums.

5. In The middle of the music video, Swift wears a hood that resembles those worn in her music video for ...Ready For It off her album Reputation.

6. While sitting on a clock, the time points to 3 am, which could be a hint toward her Midnights 3 am Edition or Speak Now being her third album.

7. At the end of the music video, Swift wears two hair clips that spell "SN" together.

8. Swift released the Bejeweled music video on October 25th, aka the 11th anniversary of her third album Speak Now.

9. Dialogue at the beginning of Bewjewled mentions several of Swift's songs.

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