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Guy used robot McDonald's to dunk on minimum wage and it immediately backfired

Guy used robot McDonald's to dunk on minimum wage and it immediately backfired
Proposed minimum wage hike sparks concern for owners in restaurant industry

The time has come, robots are officially taking over jobs because we've asked too much for minimum wage, or at least that's what one man believes.

Elijah Schaffer, an online personality, took the opportunity to swing at people asking for a higher minimum wage after seeing the first fully-automated McDonald's.

In Fort Worth, Texas, McDonald's is testing its first fully automated to-go store.

There's no human contact required as people can go in, order what they want from a tablet, then receive their meal from a machine.

The store is significantly smaller than most McDonald's and customers cannot stay as there are no dining tables.

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While some see it as a technological advancement perfect for people on the go, Schaffer sees it as punishment for those who want more money while working fast-food jobs.

"You asked for $25 minimum wage. You get: first fully automated McDonald's in Texas," Schaffer wrote on Twitter.

Attached to his tweet was a video of the automated McDonald's showing how it uses machines to give out orders.

While Schaffer may have thought he was making a good point, others found his tweet to be condescending toward those who only make minimum wage.

Many noted that the minimum wage in Texas is only $7.25 and has not been raised in over 10 years.


People explained to Schaffer that the introduction of machines in workplaces is not in retaliation for minimum wage, rather it cuts costs for corporations.

"The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25. It's almost as if wages aren't what's driving automation. It's the desire to keep more profit by greedy rich people," a Twitter user wrote.



Some were unsure where Schaffer got his $25 minimum wage request from.

In California, where the minimum wage is $15, healthcare workers are advocating to make their minimum wage $25 but no formal legislation has been passed.


Texas' minimum wage has not been increased since July 2009.

So far, the Fort Worth McDonald's is the only automated store.

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