Today marks 4/20 which, if you’re so inclined, is a big date in the marijuana enthusiast’s calendar.

This year, however, celebrations are going to be more muted.

Legal high businesses in countries like the US have been heavily hit by coronavirus shutdowns, with events cancelled and stay-at-home orders replacing them (although these have reportedly spiked as people attempt to stockpile).

As for the UK where weed is still illegal, we couldn’t possibly comment on how the industry is coping.

But back in freer and more innocent times (aka 2015), 4/20 was a joyful occasion.

And to mark it, TV show host Jimmy Kimmel took to the sandy expanse of Venice Beach, California, to pose some simple questions to the stoners gathered there.

Ingeniously named “Pot Quiz”, the results are extremely hilarious.

“Who’s the leader of Russia?” the quizmaster asks at one point.

“I don’t know man… it doesn’t matter,” responds one participant.

He’s then asked “Who’s Shaggy’s friend?”

“Scooby, Scooby, Scooby!” he replies animatedly.

Other highlights include the girl who can’t recall four serving senators but can list four ways to consume weed, and the man who can’t name Buzz Aldrin but can name Buzz Lightyear.

So sit back, press play and get high… on life!

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