A sex therapist did an AMA. Here's what she had to say

A sex therapist did an AMA. Here's what she had to say

Sex therapist Vanessa Marin recently sat down with Buzzfeed Video to answer anonymously submitted questions related to all things sexytime.

They ranged from “does sex addiction actually exist?” to “what percentage of gay men do you think are actually into anal sex?”.

There were a few straight-up concerns, too. One couple trying to get pregnant asked how they could keep sex "sexy" - and Marin had some straightforward advice.

The most important thing when you're trying to get pregnant is not to make all the sex that you're having entirely goal orientated.

Another asked if group sex was bad for a healthy relationship - to which the answer is not at all, “as long as you guys talk about what your boundaries are".

And lest we forget, a high sex drive is something to embrace, Marin says.

It's great to have a high libido! If you're single, take care of yourself - masturbate, find a couple of different sex toys to play with... there's no need to try and slow down your libido.

Watch the video below for her answers in full.

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